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Factory efficiency monitoring and optimisation

With Finnbaum Analyzer you can identify production line bottlenecks and resource capacity. Finnbaum Analyzer allows efficiency comparisons between factories and machines using OEE calculations. Using the gathered data, improvement efforts and investments can be precisely focused on the right needs.

Analyzer kuva

Flexible user interface and usability

Finnbaum Analyzer uses a flexible internet based user interface that works with both stationary PCs and mobile devices. Finnbaum Analyzer is also customisable to the specific needs of a machine or client.

Analyzer kuva

Analyzer Disruptions-module

With the Analyzer Disruptions module detailed information on the kinds of disruptions that occur in a machine can be tracked and provided for maintenance staff. With this information, development and maintenance efforts can be focused on the right objectives. The Disruptions module is also customisable, and other calculations can be added according to the wishes of maintenance staff.