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Marking- and machine vision solutions

Traceable material management and automatic quality control as a part of Finnbaum's solutions and services


Finnbaum offers reliable and high quality solutions for traceable material management together with it’s partners. The materials can be marked for tracking and identification using high quality laser marking technology. The markings can be made  and read while the product is going through the production line even in high speeds. The marks can also be read later on in the supply chain.

Finnbaum trusts the marking technology developed by Cajo Technologies Ltd. Cajo Technologies Ltd is a forerunner in laser marking, material knowledge and laser control technology. Cajo laser marking systems can be applied to a variety of different mark types and materials. Pieces can be marked on the fly or while stationary and it is also possible to combine the lasers with Finnbaum’s machines, the client’s own machine solutions or tailor unique laser marking programs with their own material handling machines.

TR Electronic Ltd is Finnbaum’s expert partner with machine vision and code reading technology. Together with laser marking solutions and advanced Cognex machine vision and code reading machines Finnbaum can build reliable systems for controlling material tracking.  Together with TR Electronic Ltd products and expertise Finnbaum can also provide advanced technology for quality control as a part of Finnbaum’s other production solutions.

Markings, code reading and machine vision solutions are tested with the client’s sample materials in a testing lab, this way compatibility is assured. Marking and machine vision expertise together with Finnbaum’s strong knowledge with machine building and automation makes finding solutions for a client’s specific needs possible even for demanding jobs.

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